Road Trip 27: Turtle Mountain

Posted: March 31, 2013 in Uncategorized



This is one of those places you hear about, but until you actually see it…. Okay, the story: Turtle Mountain was a mining operation — coal, I think — and one night, back around 1904 — a whole chunk of the mountain came loose and poured over the town of Frank. Happened literally within minutes. Everyone was asleep, so there was no time for anyone to escape.

There are stories, of course — one baby survived and was found in her basinette next to the boulder that had crushed her family’s home. The bank’s vault, filled with gold for the payday, was lost under the wave of rocks and has never been accessed. A horse that was inside the mine when the slide happened survived and was rescued three or four days later.

You can drive through it: part of the TransCanada goes between the rock field and the mountain, and I gotta tell you, when we drove through there, I was keeping one very sharp eye on that mountain… just in case.

Heading east now, into Alberta. Hugs from the two of us.


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